Research from the West of Scotland Bowen Therapy Group

14 May

The West of Scotland Bowen Therapy Group have been carrying out research to help give credence and evidence- based information to support Bowen Therapy.

We are able to let you know the outcome  of our research project, including its introductory paragraphs, and to ask if you can suggest any newspaper, journal, magazine, TV, or radio which might help put it before a wider audience.

Bowen Therapy

It is a very gentle form of natural healing which involves light moves applied over very specific points in the body. This gentleness means it is ideal to use on people of all ages – from the new- born to the elderly.

It also means that there are numerous conditions that can be addressed with the Bowen technique eg. anxiety/stress related conditions, digestive and bowel problems, hormonal imbalance, respiratory problems- to name but a few.


To help prove by a standardised assessment tool that 8 out of 10 patients’ health ( 80%)  benefited from Bowen Therapy


The research study of 778 patients was completed on 7 March 20011,  the data being collected during the period February 2006 to September 2010 ;  and was derived from 5 occupational Health programmes in which individuals were allocated Bowen Therapy.

There were 5 broad illnesses categorised:

* Musculoskeletal

* Mental health and behavioural disorders

* injury

* Nervous system

* other

It was recommended that the Canadian Occupational Health Measurement ( be used as a research tool to help support the hypothesis.  Although this is a tool for occupational therapists,  it was felt it suited both our patients and the therapy.

Before their first Bowen treatment the patients are asked to identify 5 aspects of everyday life, and if they are at work , occupation, on which their presenting condition/s impact. They then grade these 0-10 in performance and satisfaction ( where 0 is poor and 10 is good) At the end of their treatments the COPM is revisited and any changes recorded.

Clinically significant improvements are represented by change of 2 points or greater on the COPM scale from entry to exit

The following analysis gives the results of 778 patients in the study.—-

(Research Analysis:  the group would consider giving the analysis to whatever outlet/s you might recommend)

Summary / Conclusions.

It is recognised that COPM is both a standardised and subjective research tool.

However,  if the health service purports to be listening to patients’ needs, then equally it makes sense to listen when they say what helps them.

Bowen Therapists believe that most patients can be helped by:

* a gentle, non-invasive treatment for a wide variety of conditions

* keeping people well

* Keeping them at work

* in sickness-absence helping them to return to work more quickly

* reducing medication

* reducing hospital admissions

Not only does it make sense, it makes sound economic sense.

There is sufficient evidence-based data in the COPM analysis to support the empirical and anecdotal evidence that 8 out of 10 (80%) of patients’ health improve with Bowen.

It is suggested that more in-depth research would further support these results.


Bowen Shoulder Procedure

14 May

Hi Everyone

Today I would like to discuss the Bowen shoulder procedure this can help:

Shoulder pain or discomfort:

Bowen Shoulder Procedure - Shoulder Pain

Repetitive Strain Injury of the forearm and elbow:

Shoulder pain can be caused by Sports Injuries or pain from previous injuries. There are two methods of performing the Shoulder Procedure, with the aid of an assistant and without an assistant.  The former is advisable when the shoulder is severely restricted.

Elbow Procedure

30 Jan

The Elbow Procedure can help with frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, and any other elbow pain. It will address the source of the issue, addressing the core and alleviate the pain caused by the mis-alignment.

Bowen Neck Procedure

12 Jan

Hi everyone,

Today I’d like to talk about the indications and applications for use of the Bowen Neck Procedure. The neck being a vital and important part of our bodies can feel provide a good foundation on which to build and support the following:  

Stimulation of energy flow

Bowen for the Neck - Stimulation of Energy Flow

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Bowen Head Procedure

11 Dec

Hi everyone,  today I’d like to talk about the indications and applications for use of Bowen for a Head Procedure. The head is one of the controlling factors in healing techniques and be the starting point for a complete body experience. 

Bowen for the Head

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Bowen Healing

1 Dec

Welcome to my blog,

Here you will find everything you need to know about Bowen, its applications, its benefits and its techniques.

I will be covering this topic on a weekly basis covering all body parts in detail and how Bowen can lead to a more active and pain-free life.

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