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Research from the West of Scotland Bowen Therapy Group

The West of Scotland Bowen Therapy Group have been carrying out research to help give credence and evidence- based information to support Bowen Therapy. We are able to let you know the outcome  of our research project, including its introductory paragraphs, and to ask if you can suggest any newspaper, journal, magazine, TV, or radio which might help put it before a wider audience.

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Bowen Body Parts, Neck

Bowen Neck Procedure

I’d like to talk about the indications and applications for use of the Bowen Neck Procedure. The neck being a vital and important part of our bodies can feel provide a good foundation on which to build and support the following.

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Bowen Body Parts, Head

Bowen Head Procedure

Hi everyone,  today I’d like to talk about the indications and applications for use of Bowen for a Head Procedure. The head is one of the controlling factors in healing techniques and be the starting point for a complete body experience.

Bowen for the Head

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Bowen Body Parts

Bowen Healing

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